Hi, I'm Cindy.

I'm a recent Tufts grad interested in media (digital and social), market research, marketing, and advertising. I'm also a fan of dancing, baking cakes, curling up with a good book, and currently, finding a job.

Expect relevant and irrelevant posts to aforementioned interests.
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Watch my good friend from high school, Martha Farlow, roast music legend John Legend for 7 minutes. I remember learning about self-esteem maintenance in social psych sophomore year, and the idea of “bask in reflected glory”. This basically means you associate yourself with successful people, how the successes of others (friends, colleagues, sports teams) increases your own self-esteem by association. Of course, this only works if you’re not in competition for the same things. But anyway, this random psych digression is just another way of explaining how proud I am of knowing Martha and of all her awesome achievements :]